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Bullying has become a very serious issue in our schools. It is not a problem with simple solutions. There are a very complex set of dynamics at work in every bullying situation that have to be addressed from several perspectives and with decisive consistent actions.

There are solutions.

We invite you join us in creating the “Stop Bullying Collaborative”. As professionals, parents, teachers, administrators, officers of the law, students, and other concerned citizens we must come together: share our thoughts, concerns and stories; discuss what we have tried; and look at other approaches.
If we come together and address the pervasive culture of bullying we find ourselves in, we can find solutions. We want to hear your ideas; we want to share ours. Working in collaboration we can restore a safer, healthier environment for our children.

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Please come to and participate in our meetings!

No Bullying Meetings
  • Wed Aug 28, noon to 1:30 pm, at the Stonewall Alliance Center, 358 E. 6th St., Chico

Bullying Support Group Meetings
  • Support group meetings are suspended for now.
There will be a bullying support group meeting the first Wednesday of each month when meetings resume. All are welcome!

Special Event in lieu of a regular evening meeting in September:

On Thursday, September 12th, there will be a FREE screening and discussion of the acclaimed documentary film "Bully" (PG-13, 99 minutes). This event is part of Suicide Prevention Week, September 9th - 14th, and will take place Thursday, September 12th, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m., in the Social Hall of the First Baptist Church of Chico, 850 Palmetto Ave., Chico.  Come join us -- be an "upstander" rather than a bystander to bullying!  Please join our Facebook event page as well, and invite your local Facebook friends to attend.

The official "Bully" trailer is available here.

For information on other events taking place during Suicide Prevention Week, visit

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Please like our Facebook page, Chico No-Bullying Collaboration,

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Students say being bullied is a significant factor in considering suicide. At this meeting we will explore how we as a community address the complexities of Bullying and how to stop Bullying. The No-Bullying Collaborative encourages schools, parents, students, teachers, law enforcement, local government and the community to work collaboratively to implement solutions. Contact Mary Lou Snodgrass, MFT at or 530.343.6265; or Tom Kelem, MFT or 530.893.3336 for more information. 


Mary Lou Snodgrass, MFT Board Chair
Olweus Bullying Prevention Trainer

Tom Kelem, MFT Board Chair Stonewall Alliance 

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